My name is Rob Zwiercan. Owner of One Idea LLC. I’m a full time freelance animator, interactive developer and designer, with more than fifteen years of experience in digital media, located in the greater Boston area.
My services include 2D animation, 3D modeling, 3D animation, motion graphics, composited effects for video, desktop applications for OS X and Windows, mobile applications for iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android operating systems, interactive pieces for the web, games, banner ads, and HTML5 animations.
Are you in need of an animation, or interactive piece to promote your product or services? Do you need that piece on your website, displayed at your trade show booth, or played on a mobile device? Not sure what you need, or where to start? Get in touch, and I’ll guide you through the process and help you find the best solution.
Take a look at my portfolio page to get a better idea of what I can do for you.


I produce animations for broadcast commercials,  product overviews, trade show booths, tutorials, application content and holiday greetings. Have an idea that you want to bring to life? I can write a script, design the assets, manage voice over recordings, find, or have the appropriate music composed, and create your animation in the style you desire. Already have a script and all of your audio and visual assets created? No problem. I can build your animation with your content.


Do you need an application for your next trade show, presentation, product, or service promotion? Does your application need to run on Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, a desktop computer, tablet, mobile phone, or display on an HDTV? Or do you need something simple like a Flash, or HTML5 banner ad? Whatever your needs, I have you covered.


Adobe After Effects • motion graphics, 2D animation, compositing, and composited effects for video. Lightwave 3D • 3D modeling and animation. Adobe Animate • 2D animation. Adobe Premier • Video editing. Adobe Photoshop • design, asset creation, and optimization. Adobe Illustrator • design. Adobe Audition • audio editing.